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Write to a Student
Writing to a supported student is a great way to send a word of prayer or encouragement. When you send a message online, our local partners will hand deliver it to the student. You will receive a scanned copy of the student's written response to your email from Educate the Nations. 

Your message has been sent! Please give 4-6 weeks for a response.

What to write about in your message:

  • Introduce yourself! Share a bit about your family, occupation, and likes/hobbies.

  • Learn about the student. Ask about what they are learning in school and their favorite class/subject. Ask about their educational goals and dreams.

  • Share encouragement and prayers for the student's education and future.

Note: Be sure to be considerate of the student's environment and culture. For example, avoid writing about the things you own since the student may have limited possessions. Also, be considerate of the student's background. Many have experienced the death of a parent or other family struggle. Avoid specifically addressing these matters in your message.

Support students and teachers in developing countries with a

Monthly Gift

Not sure which project to choose, or would like to be apart of what Educate the Nations is doing monthly? Partner with us and we will ensure that your support goes to each of our projects. Every dollar goes directly to the classrooms and students we serve. 

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