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Frequently Asked Questions



What does Educate the Nations do?

Educate the Nations is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to increase and improve a child’s access to quality education in developing countries. We provide scholarships to students who are committed to education, yet pose the risk of staying in school due to financial limitations. We also support teachers with classroom resources to increase their students' learning potential. 


How do you select students?

Students are chosen for an academic scholarship based on their financial need. Scholarship recipients are students who are committed to education yet pose the risk of staying in school due to financial limitations. Financial limitations may include the death of a parent, loss of caregiver income, students from single-parent households, or other family hardships that cause the child to risk remaining in school.

Where does my donation go?

Your donation helps to overcome some of the key hurdles that students have in receiving a quality education. It reduces or eliminates the cost of tuition, uniforms, books, and supplies. It also gives teachers the resources needed to increase the quality of learning in their classrooms.100% of your donation goes towards the students and teachers we serve!


How do you select partners?

We believe that partnering with trusted organizations is key to successful work within a community. Educate the Nations works with a network of well-respected and established community-based organizations and local schools. Our partners are actively at work within their community and know the needs there. Our partners are carefully vetted. 

How do I know my donation went to the student I am trying to support?

We use several methods to ensure the integrity of each donation transfer. First, we only send donations to our verified partner non-profits, schools, and, community-based organizations. Our partners are required to be a registered charitable organization or school within their country and are required to submit reports yearly to maintain their status. We also post receipts on our website. Receipts are written by the school's bursar office for each supported child and are listed publically on their profile page. 


What does Educate the Nations do with my information?

Educate the Nations respects the privacy of our users. We use Stripe and Paypal to securely process online transactions, therefore we do not have any access to credit card information. Your email address is used to send quarterly updates on our campaigns. You have the option to opt our of our emails at any time. 

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